Understanding Educational Progress

Do You Want A Christ-Centered Education For Your Child?

Are you less than excited about the education your child is receiving in public school? Or it might be that you decided on a Christ-centered education for your child even before he or she began kindergarten. If you are still trying to decide how to give your child the Christ-centered education you desire for him or for her, from home schooling to selecting a school with a Christ-centered curriculum, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Home Schooling 

Even if you are not a certified teacher, don't be afraid to teach your child at home. After all, who loves him or her more than you do? In addition, who knows his or her needs better than you do? One of the great things about home schooling is that you can select your child's curriculum yourself.

  • Think of teaching about animals through studying the book of Genesis.
  • Imagine studying about the Near East and the Middle East through studying the Bible.
  • If you home school, consider meeting with other home schooling families.
  • Together, you can visit places like museums and planetariums.
  • Consider encouraging your child to learn leadership skills by organizing home school events himself or herself.

Christian-centered Schools

If you and your spouse both work and you are not home during the day, or if home schooling simply is not for you, a Christ-centered school might be the perfect place for your child to be educated.

  • The Christian teachings that you instill at home will be supported at school.
  • More than likely, a school day will begin with a prayer and an inspiring devotional.
  • Your child will probably be able to participate in things like student government.
  • He or she might also be part of other extra-curricular activities that will build leadership skills.
  • Think of allowing your child to go on school trips where leadership skills are taught.

Whether your child is home schooled or whether he or she attends a Christ-centered school, such as New Hope Christian Academy & Early Learning Center, consider also involving him or her in Church youth groups. By doing so, he or she will have roll models that teach by example. Also, he or she will more than likely have teaching opportunities in Sunday classes or in other settings. Think about asking your child to keep a journal of things that he does at school and in other aspects of his or her life. And encourage him or her to write down the spiritual experiences that he or she experiences.