Understanding Educational Progress

Get Started As A Plumbing Professional

Plumbers have a pretty great trade. They bring in high hourly rates and their work is always in demand. Here's how you can get started as a plumber and increase your income:

Go to Trade School

The first step in getting certified as a plumber is to go to plumbing trade school. There, you will learn the basic skills a plumber must know. Passing your trade school tests will be a prerequisite to getting started as a plumber, so take this part seriously.   

Locate an Apprenticeship

Not only are plumbing apprenticeships a required part of plumbing education, but they're also the part where you're likely to learn the most. There is something different about reading or watching a video about a plumbing technique versus watching a professional do it first-hand and participating yourself. The best route to find an experienced plumber to learn from is through a plumbing apprenticeship program that will set you up with a dedicated mentor. 

Get Hired

It's really best to start out as a contractor under another company when you first get started. The contractors will carry the needed insurance for your work. They will take care of finding customers, and you will focus on completing more plumbing jobs and learning to perfect your craft. Do this for at least 2-3 years before you start to take on jobs on your own. 

Start Your Own Company

If at some point, you feel that you are confident enough to work on your own, you might decide to offer your services as an independent contractor. By doing so, you will take on a lot more legal responsibility, but you will get to keep all of what you earn. Getting to this point all goes back to how you start your career; a solid plumbing education from the beginning will help you reach the skill level needed to be 100% responsible for your own work. 

If all of this interests you, your first step will be to seek out that initial plumbing trade school training program and start looking for plumbing apprenticeships. Start setting aside the money needed for training and finding a mentor who is both knowledgeable and patient as a teacher. Start getting in the mindset of taking your work seriously; the quality of your work can greatly affect people's lives. Becoming a plumber can be greatly rewarding, but it's also a great deal of responsibility.