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How To Help Your Shy Child Be More Comfortable Around Others

Of course, some children hesitate to be away from those who are in their everyday lives. However, if you think that your child is excessively shy, you may want to introduce him or her to new playmates. From having play dates to enrolling your child in a daycare center, here are some ideas on how to help your shy child be more comfortable around other people:

Do An Assessment - Ask yourself if you, too, are most comfortable just being with your family members. If that's the case, maybe it's time for you and your child to branch out together to meet with other folks.

  • Without making a big deal about it, start calling on friends whom you already know. For example, if you are in a Sunday School class, connect with another parent who has a child around your child's age. 
  • Help your child feel comfortable around people you don't really know, too. For instance, when you run errands together, make it a point to greet people as you go along your way. Strike up a conversation with people like the grocery clerk. Be sure to make your child part of the conversation, too.
  • Ask children to come to your home and invite the child's parent or parents to stay for a visit, too. Encourage your child to help you pass out refreshments.
  • Think of going on field trips with other children and their parents. For example, instead of going to the zoo by yourselves, invite a few other children and their parents to be part of the fun.

Consider A Day Care - Have you ever considered enrolling your child in a day care center?

  • Think of starting your child in day care only one or two days a week. In fact, it might be good to just leave your child at the day care center for only half a day in the beginning.
  • The great part about going to a day care center is that your child will not only become more comfortable with other children, but he or she will also learn to trust his or her caregivers.
  • As your child becomes more comfortable in a day care center, think about expanding the time that he or she spends there.
  • Your child will probably learn to love day care. The bonus is that he or she will be learning total turns, to share toys and to express himself or herself in a safe environment.  

Think about taking pictures of your child and his or her friends. Display them in his or her room to remind him or her of the friends he now has in his or her life. Contact a company like Advantage Learning Center for more information and assistance.